And other UI copy decisions for application access

Intro (optional)

The most popular article I have written to date is this one, which is a UI copy guide about Remove vs Delete & Add vs Create. Even though this was the second article I ever wrote (and was published way before I took my first UX class) it garnered more praise and attention than my later, more-polished articles. This is a clear testament that specific UI copy guides (or “cheat sheets”) are in huge demand.

Globally-recognized design systems (like HIG and Material) do a great job providing best practices for the general topic of UX writing, but when the tire…

Make it easy for your users to input data

One might think keyboards are a trivial component to mobile UX design. I mean, what’s to talk about? If a user clicks on a field then show them the keyboard. Simple, right?

Unfortunately, this must be the mindset for a lot of dev teams because a lot of apps leave me wondering:

  • why do I have to click on this field to open the keyboard? Shouldn’t it have opened up immediately?
  • where is that one symbol that I NEED to complete this field?
  • should I click out of the keyboard when I complete entering my data or should I click…

With my idea on how to improve it

Strava is a fitness app that tracks and shares your activities, e.g. running, hiking, etc. More simply, think of it like Instagram, but instead of posting a photo you post your activity.

I consider Strava to be one of the best apps out there from a UX perspective. It has a clean, simple UI and is super intuitive. With that being said, I believe there is one UX pattern that is in need of an update.

The pattern

Strava allows users to add other people to their activity, similar to tagging someone in a photo. …

What the general public wants to see in 2021

Around this time of year, plenty of articles start to circulate about “Design Trends” for 20XX. Although these articles are nice to browse through, they serve more as inspiration (like Dribbble) rather than a checklist or guide.

I wanted to take a different approach to this. I came up with 4 design “improvements” that (as a user) I would like to see more of in 2021. (I use the word “improvement” because I can only hope they are not temporary fads.)

Proposed Improvement #1: More cursor types

There are so many cursor types out there, it’s a shame we do not use more of them. Yes…

A redesign of an OKR solution


My current company was searching for a Performance Management system early last year and landed on Leapsome — a new, yet highly-rated tool.

The solution initially seemed to live up to its reputation as onboarding was a breeze and their support team was pleasant to interact with.

Unfortunately, my first impressions quickly faded as I started to actually use the tool. Sure, there were small things like inconsistent UI and improper implementation of small components, but those are details designers could find in almost every new tool. …

As I am sure all designers have picked up on, confetti has become a popular method of (positive) feedback inside mobile and desktop apps. I will discuss the viable scenarios where you can implement confetti and will even provide some corny examples 🌽

Scenarios when you can use confetti 🎉

Confetti is congratulatory in nature, but in what circumstances are you congratulating the user?

Celebrate a completed process via a confirmation (congrats) page

Completing a lot of work should be celebrated. It should also be confirmed that the work you did was saved.

We often see growls/toast notifications upon completion of small amounts or work or work that does not require a e.g. confirmation code. …

How the evolution of card design affected my redesign


I was recently tasked to redesign the results of the following filters:

  1. Filtered results for users (creatives)

Redesigning personal and group chats for a social collaboration app

Intro + Project Objective

I became Connective’s first designer at the start of 2020, and one of my first projects was to redesign their chat interface. The initial goal of this project was just to provide a face lift, but after several discussions with the CEO we added the following functionality improvements:

  1. For 1v1 chats, users should be able to tab between the contact’s profile the chat itself.
  2. For group chats, users should be able to quickly access group member’s profiles.
  3. For group chats, users should be able to easily identify who said what.
  4. For all chats, users should be able to easily tell…

Strive for compassion, not just empathy

My twin and I did everything together growing up. We were so inseparable that our middle school decided it would be “healthy” for us to take separate classes. At the time I didn’t understand why separating us was so necessary. After all, I considered my brother a part of me — and thought that should be embraced more than scrutinized.

For those three years I did become more independent, but I also regressed in my ability to showcase empathy and compassion for others, now that I was focusing more on “me” and less on “we”.

So how does that relate…

Best Practices of Designing a Top Navigation Bar for Mobile

As per Material Design, top app bars “display information and actions relating to the current screen”. With these components usually on every page of an app, it is paramount they are designed effectively 💪.


You can choose to just trust me on this and duplicate my file on Figma (referenced in the diagram below):

Alex Zlatkus

product designer @thycotic ✅

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